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Maria Winther Olsen’s NINA comes to cinemas tomorrow

Maria Winther Olsens long anticipated drama film NINA is at last coming to Faroese cinemas.

The movie, which has featured at several film festivals over the last twelve months, is set to make its debut in Havnar Bio (Tórshavn) and Atlantis (Klaksvík) tomorrow night.

Lead actors are Marie Tourell Søderberg and Nikolaj Dencker Schmidt from Denmark and Mike Viderø from the Faroe Islands.

The movie is 82-minutes long.

Film synopsis: Young Danish writer Nina moves to the Faroe Islands with her boyfriend William. The cute, old house on the isolated island of Kalsoy, surrounded by a harsh natural landscape, seems like the perfect place to write her first novel. But Nina has writer’s block and, although the two are expecting a child, William is hardly there. A doctor with a new job at the Klaksvík hospital, he is consumed by work. Nina does not deal well with her loneliness, but she tries to hide it. After an encounter with the village priest, and hearing about the local myth of the Seal Woman, the already fretful Nina becomes even more uneasy. Set against the impressive scenery of the Faroe Islands, director Maria Winther Olsen stages an intense, increasingly claustrophobic psychological drama with Marie Tourell Søderberg (“Itsi Bitsi”, NFL 2014) in the lead.

The shooting of NINA took place over took place over a four-week period in the summer of 2017.

The movie’s production budget is understood to be DKK 1.1 million.

Prior to NINA, Maria Winther Olsen has directed “Gló(ð)” (2012) and “Sum einglar vit falla” (2014).


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