Malla from Toftir turned 103-years-old last weekend and is now the oldest living Faroese

Malla Olsen from Toftir (Nes Kommuna, Eysturoy) turned 103-years-old last Saturday and is now the oldest living person in the Faroe Islands.

To celebrate her birthday, Jóhannus Danielsen, the mayor of Nes Kommuna, came by to the houseshare where she lives to give her his greetings.

Mayor Danielsen and Malla had a good conversation, and Malla, who is a very good raconteur, was in high spirits and told him about her long life, writes

Yesterday, Malla also participated in the KVF-radio broadcast ”Við Tórði á túri” (Ride along with Tórður), which is hosted by the popular Tórður Mikkelsen – an iconic figure in Faroese radio and television broadcasting.

During the broadcast, Tórður also spoke to two other people from the island of Eysturoy who have passed 100 years: 101-year-old Alfred Haraldsen from Elduvík and 100-year-old Hans Jacob Jacobsen from Skálafjørður.

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