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Locals in Kalsoy erect mock gravestone of James Bond

Who’s to tell, is this the start of some new era or the symbol of a definitive finale?

As many of our readers will know for sure, the latest instalment in the James Bond action hero franchise, ‘No Time to Die’, released last fall, features scenes shot in the Faroe Islands — that is, on Kalsoy. One thing that sets the island apart from other James Bond filming locations throughout the years is the fact that, spoiler alert, it’s the only place in which James Bond has ever died on screen.

Perhaps predictably, the fact that the island served as a location for a scene in the movie has sparked renewed interest in Kalsoy as a tourist destination, to the extent that you can even book an official ‘James Bond Faroe Islands’ tour of the island.

In a gimmick to commemorate, as it were, Bond’s end on Kalsoy, locals have placed a mock gravestone on the spot. On the stone, revealed to the public on Monday, a text reads, “In memory of James Bond 1962-2021” followed by a quote taken from ‘No Time to Die’: “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.”

Jóhannus Kallgarð, a farmer on the island who in the end credits of the film was referred to as the ‘King of Kalsoy’ said he has already received several bookings from tourists who would like to see the place where 007 died, according to news site Nordlysid.fo.

As for the ‘James Bond Faroe Islands’ tour, “This official … tour will secure you the very best experience up close,” we’re told by Guide to the Faroe Islands. “Your tour guide will take you to the heart of the filming locations to discover the exciting world of 007 James Bond and other onscreen action stars around Kallur Lighthouse and Trøllanes.”

The tour begins in the morning at the Syðradalur ferry port on Kalsoy and ends back there in the late afternoon with participants dropped off in time to take the return trip to Klaksvík.


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