Arts & Culture and Norðlýsið to release new magazine for tourists and Faroese newspaper Norðlýsið have agreed on a cooperation to release a magazine whose main aim is to reach tourists who come to the Faroe Islands.

The magazine, which will include several interesting articles, will give tourists a thorough and thrillingly fascinating insight into Faroese relations.

”This is a golden opportunity for Faroese advertisers to reach tourists from abroad. The plan as for now is to release two issues this summer – the first one later this month – and next summer we hope to release even more issues”, says Jóhann Lützen, CEO of Norðlýsið.

Torleif Joensen, CEO of, adds: ”It has always been our ambition at to release a magazine like this and we are happy to work with Mr. Lützen and his crew at Norðlýsið to make this ambition come true. We are also happy to give tourists from abroad the opportunity to gain a valuble insight into the Faroese community”.

The magazine will be free of charge and available in various public places around the islands.

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