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Local museum to be built in honor of Nólsoy rower Ove Joensen

Work has now begun on a new museum on the island Nólsoy off Tórshavn, in memory of ocean rower Ove Joensen, a local hero who won international fame in the mid 1980s after single-handedly rowing his boat from the Faroe Islands to Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Joensen was the first person ever to row all the way from the Faroes to Denmark, a journey of 1,700 kilometers (900 nautical miles). After two failed attempts over the previous summers, rescued both time on the Shetland Islands, he finally made it all the way to the Danish capital on August 11th, 1986, arriving there to a huge welcoming crowd after 41 days on his own at sea. 

Joensen became famous and managed to raise some cash from his adventure with the aim of using it as part of an investment to build a local swimming pool for Nólsoy. Sadly, he would not live much longer and the following year, in November 1987, an accident on his boat caused him to drown and pass away. Since his death, at the age of only 38, the Ovastevna festival has been held each year in August to commemorate the much-loved hero of Nólsoy, with the proceeds going to a fund for the future swimming pool. 

The plan to build a swimming pool, however, has since been altered in favor of a museum—one which, as it turns out, is now set to become a reality. On April 8th, a sod-turning ceremony was held in Nólsoy with a crowd of people in attendance. Ovasavnið will be erected in the middle of the village.

Heðin Mortensen, mayor of Tórshavn, used the occasion to praise those who for years have advocated for building of the local museum.

The Ovasavn museum, which will house the Diana Victoria and other memorabilia, “is a good solution that will ensure that his achievement won’t soon be forgotten,” the Mayor noted.


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