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Local.fo reaches milestone for 2019

Local.fo is proud to announce that it has reached 300,000 website visitors for 2019.

The visitors are from 211 countries around the world.

Top 10 Countries:
1. Faroe Islands (32,60%)
2. United Kingdom (11,27%)
3. Denmark (9,88%)
4. United States of America (9,15%)
5. Norway (2,77%)
6. Germany (2,56%)
7. France (2,46%)
8. Iceland (2,04%)
9. Canada (1,62%)
10. Australia (1,29%)

Local.fo also publishes a newspaper for tourists during summer season which can be found in most tourist places around the Faroe Islands. Last year, the newspaper had it’s premiere with one edition for the entire summer (Circulation: 6000). This year, the newspaper was published in three editions (Circulation: 18.000).

Thank you to all the advertisers, donaters, and readers for making Local.fo possible!

Best regards,
The Local.fo Team (Jens Hákun Leo, Torleif Joensen & Gunnar Skúvadal)


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