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Live music banned in the Faroe Islands during parts of Easter

Live music is prohibited in the Faroe Islands during parts of Easter. The band The Early House playing Irish folk music aimed to make a shorter tour of the Faroe Islands in Easter. Checked in and ready yesterday they were informed that several of the gigs were canceled due to an old law that does not allow music during parts of Easter.

Joel Andersson, harmonica player in the band:

– We didn’t know anything about music being forbidden and apparently, they have not previously bothered to apply this strange law. Apparently the authorities in the Faroe Islands have changed and unfortunately with very short notice. We were looking forward to play, but now everything feels terrible.

Three out of five gigs are canceled and parts of the band stays at home in Skåne, Sweden. One gig is moved to 00.01 on Saturday morning to avoid breaking the local laws.

Paddy Lawless plays fiddle, lives in Sweden but originally from Dublin, Ireland:

– We really looked forward to this. Parts of the Faroese population originate from Ireland but Irish music is not widespread on the island. We wanted to spread the music and the joy of playing.

Joel Andersson:

– Imagine the newspaper where it says “Swedish Harmonica player in jail because he played music”. One must see the humor in it all.

For more information on The early House, visit their Facebook page.


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