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Lív, Jónas top Faroese list of most popular names

With Statistics Faroe Islands announcing the most popular names given to newborns in the Faroes during 2021, the names Lív and Jónas top the list for girls and boys, respectively.

According to the National Hospital, 678 children were born at the Maternity Ward last year, out of whom seven baby girls were named Lív and ten baby boys named Jónas.

The statistics agency further noted that as of 2021, the name Lív ranks number nine on the list of all-time most popular female names given with Jónas at number five of most popular male names given. Moreover, this was the first time Lív topped the baby girl name list, whereas Jónas has been the most frequently given boy’s name ten times in the past two decades.

Other popular names last year for baby boys included Nóa, Jógvan, Markus, Adrian, and Bragi. For girls, meanwhile, alongside Lív, popular names included Julia, Emma, Isabella, Nora, Ria and Sólja. 

Lív (Liv) is known as a Nordic female given name derived from the Old Norse ‘hlíf’, which means ‘shelter’ or ‘protection’. Lív also means ‘life’ in Faroese much like Liv in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Jónas (Jonas) — Jonah in English — is a Biblical, common male name across much of the Western world, derived from Yonā in Hebrew, meaning dove or pigeon.


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