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Literature and culture prizes from Tórshavn City Concil awarded on Thursday

At a secret ceremony at Müllers Pakkhús, The Tórshavn City Council awarded this year’s Faroese Literature Prizes and the City Council’s Cultural Prizes on Thursday.

The Faroese Literature Prize for fiction was awarded to Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger for her poetry collection “Eg skrivi á vátt pappír” (English: I write on wet paper”.

Jógvan D. Hansen was awarded the Faroese Literature Prize for other cultural achievements. As a professor in philosophy, he has, in a way that is easy to understand, managed to articulate deep and complicated existential and ethical questions to a wide audience, the judges said.

Hjalmar P. Petersen was awarded the prize for Non-fiction literature for his Faroese grammar books “Mállæra 1” and “Mállæra 2” (English: Grammar 1 and 2).

The Children’s Cultural Prize of Tórshavn City Council was awarded to two children’s book authors – Marjun Syderbø Kjeelnæs and Rakel Helmsdal.

Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs was awarded the prize for her new young adult novel “Sum rótskot” (English: Like root sprouts”. Rakel Helmsdal was awarded the price for her children’s picture book “Loftar tú mær” (English: Will you catch me”


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