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– Like something taken straight out of “Lord of the Rings”

This January, Italian news website La Nuova Sardegna published a travel account from the Faroe Islands by three Sardinian photographers – Marcello Chiodino, Riccardo Gutierrez and Matteo Oppo – who visited the islands in December.

The trio flew from Copenhagen to Vágar, where they spent the first couple of their ten days on the islands. The account also mentions visiting the Northern Islands like Viðoy.

According to the article, it was in Vágar that they made one of the most beautiful treks of the whole trip, and they found the Leitisvatn lake especially fascinating. Overall the photographers were very captivated by the scenery, which reminded them of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

– It appeared before our eyes like a surreal scenery, made of little houses that seemed to have come straight from the fantasy trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”.

Another thing, which the photographer trio found fascinating was the ever changing weather. As they made their way further north, they noticed how the weather got colder and more aggressive. They were very fascinated by the fact that the sheep and the birds in the area didn’t seem to mind this so much, as they acted like everything was completely normal.



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