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Latest COVID-19 statistics leave Minister of Health optimistic

Today was the first day since 12 March where no new COVID-19 cases were announced. And while the number of new cases drops, more people are still recovering from the disease.

According to statistics from the Faroese Ministry of Health:

  • The number of active cases has experienced a continuous decrease since 1 April
  • The number of recoveries has exceeded the number of active cases since 2 April
  • Fewer than five new cases a day have been confirmed since 30 March
  • Fewer than 200 tests a day have been conducted since 2 April

It is also worth mentioning that few people have been hospitalized so far, and that none of them have needed intensive care.

Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen, Minister of Health is very pleased by this recent development.

– It seems to be going very well right now. I’m very pleased, and the latest statistics give me an optimism – a motivation to keep doing what we do, he says, referring to the Faroese strategy of testing as many as possible.

The fact that fewer tests have been conducted lately might be a good sign. The reason for this could simply be that fewer people are feeling sick or that fewer people come into contact with infected people. But the Faroe Islands still has enough test kits and protection gear, he says.

Minister Johannesen also points out that it is important to be careful and to stay focused during good times in order to achieve even better results.



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