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KVF to make Faroese news in English as “up to 1200 Faroese don’t understand Faroese”

Kringvarp Føroya, the Faroese Broadcasting Corporation, is planning to make Faroese news in English, Johnny í Grótinum, ‎Chief Executive Officer of KVF, told KVFs GMF today.

Mr. Grótinum told GMF (Good morning Faroe Islands) that he hopes that the most important news from KVF will be translated and made available online on the KVF-webpage from 1 April onwards.

Mr. Grótinum stated that: ”To reach all people in the Faroe Islands, it is necessary that we make radio broadcasting in English. There are 1100-1200 Faroese (immigrants in the Faroe Islands) who have difficulties understanding the language, and thus they feel like outsiders”.

Mr. Grótinum added that: ”The plan is to translate news into English in the near future. To be more specific, we have been in touch with some people, or some companies, who can perform the task”.

Image credits: Local.fo

Article edited 20.35, 26 February 2018


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