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Klaksvík’s big Summar Festivalur called off for this year, too

Less than a week after news broke that Gøta’s G! Festival had been called off for a second consecutive year on account of Covid-related concerns, Klaksvík’s major annual music event Summar Festivalur (Summer Festival), which was scheduled to take place on August 5th to 7th, has likewise announced its cancellation for this year. 

A similar fate befell the planned 2020 edition of the Summer Festival, much like a whole list of other festivals and concerts throughout the country, again this summer, have been cancelled citing the Covid situation.

“It’s still unclear whether indeed it will be possible to gather large crowds in the beginning of August, and because of that uncertainty we decided to cancel,” said Erik Biskopstø, managing director of Summer Festival.

“The Summar Festivalur is a giant event that takes a lot of work to organize and we don’t consider it wise to continue with the preparations, considering the likelihood that the festival would still end up being cancelled at the last minute.” 

“That uncertainty, that risk is simply too great,” Mr. Biskopstø said, adding that the festival organizers are regretful to find themselves forced to call off the event.

Information on ticket refunds will soon be made publicly available, we’re told.

Next year’s Summar Festivalur, meanwhile, has been scheduled for August 4th to 6th, 2022, according to Mr. Biskopstø.


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