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Klaksvík celebrates arrival of new 300-million DKK fishing vessel

Designed to be able to alternate pelagic trawling and purse seining, the Christian í Grótinum KG 690 arrived in her home port of Klaksvík on March 9th. The 89.4-meter fishing vessel took the maiden trip from Skagen, Denmark, where shipyard Karstensens handed Klaksvík-based owners CIG the 300 million DKK (40.3M EUR) marvel. 

Optimized for hunting blue whiting as well as mackerel and herring, the Christian í Grótinum joins factory vessel Norðborg in CIG’s fleet of fishing vessels. The state-of-the-art newbuild does not have a freezer hold but RSW tanks and is fitted with an all-electric trawl layout, with a pair of 97-tonne main winches controlled by an autotrawl system. The array of wheelhouse electronics is no less impressive as is practically everything else about the trawler.


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