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Klaksvík authorities launch comprehensive survey on local services

In the coming days, around 1,700 residents of the municipality of Klaksvík will be surveyed on their “well-being within the community” and “provide feedback on Council services.” 

This is reportedly the first time ever that the Municipal Council of Klaksvík undertakes a survey this comprehensive to give residents a formal opportunity to voice their thoughts on municipal affairs.

“The survey covers the services provided by the Council and the conditions of residing within the community,” Mayor Karl Johansen was quoted as saying. “Therefore, the survey is extremely relevant to Council work and its management including the development of new services and the expansion of current ones.”

“Most residents have desires and experiences that we hope to gain an understanding of and use in the work and management of council activities,” Mayor Johansen added. “We have translated the survey into English so that those who find it challenging to read Faroese can also participate.”

The survey is managed by the agency Lóður and respondents are asked to reply to a questionnaire within 14 days, meaning the last day of submittal is Monday, February 6th.


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