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Klaksvík announces ‘International Sports Day’ to promote social integration

The Municipality of Klaksvík is holding a large sports event on July 15th at the Kí-Høllin venue to strengthen social integration, the municipal council announced.

“On Saturday, the 15th of July, newcomers, together with the Klaksvík Municipality and the [Social] Integration Committee, are hosting a sports day in Klaksvík,” a statement read. “The day is mainly aimed at newcomers, but everyone is welcome, and the event will include both formal and casual competitions.”

The International Sports Day event was first held in Runavík in 2021, in which around 300 people attended, many of them of Asian background. 

The organizers expressed their intent to broaden the ethnic and cultural appeal of the event to attract people of even more diverse backgrounds.

“This year the plan is to reach further so that all newcomers in the Faroe Islands and interested Faroese locals have the opportunity to register,” we’re told. “A group of newcomers have taken steps to organize this event, with the support and help from Klaksvík Municipality. The event will put an emphasis on fun, games and competitions.” 

Competitions reportedly include basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and various competitions on the athletics track. The statement noted that “for these, registration is required.”

Moreover, there will be a variety of “fun competitions such as sack races, chess, hula running competitions, tug-of-war and more.”

“In the Municipality’s [social] integration work, we frequently discuss how the Municipality can better support the well-being of newcomers and build relationships between newcomers and Faroese people,” Mayor Karl Johansen was quoted as saying. “Therefore, we greatly support this idea.”

All visitors are welcome to attend the event without participating in the sports and entrance is free of charge, we’re told.


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