The Kingdom of Denmark has the strongest and most efficient rule of law

Denmark finished top of the global pile in this year’s Rule of Law index published by the World Justice Project, an independent organization advocating the advancement of rule of law around the world.

The WJP Rule of Law Index measures rule of law adherence in 113 countries and jurisdictions worldwide based on more than 110,000 household and 3,000 expert surveys. Featuring primary data, the WJP Rule of Law Index measures countries’ rule of law performance across eight factors: Constraints on Government Powers, Absence of Corruption, Open Government, Fundamental Rights, Order and Security, Regulatory Enforcement, Civil Justice, and Criminal Justice.

This is not the first time Denmark tops the Rule of Law index. Denmark also had the strongest and most efficient rule of law around the globe in 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

This news should be of great interest to the two autonomous constituent countries in the North Atlantic Ocean, Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are part of the Danish Kingdom.

Top 10:
1. Denmark 0.89
2. Norway 0.89
3. Finland 0.87
4. Sweden 0.86
5. Netherlands 0.85
6. Germany 0.83
7. New Zealand 0.83
8. Austria 0.81
9. Canada 0.81
10. Australia 0.81

Bottom 10:
104. Uganda 0.40
105. Pakistan 0.39
106. Bolivia 0.38
107. Ethiopia 0.38
108. Zimbabwe 0.37
109. Cameroon 0.37
110. Egypt 0.36
111. Afghanistan 0.34
112. Cambodia 0.32
113. Venezuela 0.29

Image credits: Anja Johanne Bloch

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