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Kielsen calls for parliamentary election in Greenland

Greenland’s Prime Minister Kim Kielsen has called parliamentary elections for next month, local media reported on Monday.

The country last voted in 2014 when Kielsen’s Siumut party won more than a third of votes. He became prime minister when Aleqa Hammond was forced to resign after a scandal involving spending of public money on hotels and flights, writes Reuters.com.

Greenland is a self-ruling country within the Kingdom of Denmark – together with Denmark and the Faroe Islands – and has a population of about 56,000 people.

Greenland, whose economy is largely dependent on its fishing industry, receives an annual grant from Denmark of around 3.7 billion Danish crowns, about a quarter of its BNP, writes Reuters.com.

In comparison, the Faroe Islands receive an annual grant from Denmark of around 0.6 billion Danish crowns, i.e. less than 5% of its BNP.

The vote for the 31-seat Greenlandic parliament, the Landstinget, is due on April 17 or April 24.

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