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Kalsoy registers more hikers, more broken legs than ever

Visit Kalsoy reports that the number of visitors on the small, picturesque island this year has been the highest on record, as has the number of hikers who’ve suffered a broken leg or otherwise injured themselves there.

Normally during the main travel season, between four and eight travelers will have had some accident leading to physical injury while exploring Kalsoy; this summer, however, saw as many as twelve hikers suffering a broken leg or similar injury, local farmer Jóhannus Kallsgarð told public broadcaster KvF.

“The problem has largely to do with some people just going on their own,” Mr. Kallsgarð said. “They tend to go everywhere, including where they’re not supposed to go; so it happens that some of them get into trouble and need help.”

From April through July, more than 35,500 people traveled to Kalsoy by ferry, according to figures reported by public ferry and bus operator SSL. That is nearly a nine-percent increase on the corresponding period of 2019, which at the time registered record-breaking numbers of incoming tourists.

While the higher number of hikers can be a likely reason for the growing number of leg injuries reported, the weather might also have been a contributing factor, we’re told.

“The summer has been very wet, and the paths have, as a result, been very slippery this year,” Mr. Kallsgarð noted.


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