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Kalsoy attracts unprecedented numbers of visitors

Never before has there been this much interest in visiting the island of Kalsoy. According to statistics reported by public ferry and bus operator Strandfaraskip Landsins, roughly 23,000 passengers traveled to Kalsoy via ferry in April through June of this year. That’s a 14-percent increase on 2019’s statistics for the same period, which at the time was boasting record-breaking numbers.

“Kallurin, in the northernmost part of Kalsoy, has attracted tourists for many years,” tourist information office Visit Kalsoy noted. “After the statue of the Seal Woman was erected in 2014, the number of travelers to the island eventually more than doubled. Now that the memorial stone for James Bond has been erected, tourism is without a doubt bound to increase even more.”

As per statistics from Strandfaraskip Landsins, roughly 9,100 traveled to Kalsoy during the months April through June in 2014; that number had risen to roughly 17,000 four years on, and in 2019 to well over 20,000.

However, unlike the route to Kalsoy, which has ferried a record-breaking number of tourists this year, the ferry routes to other smaller islands such as Fugloy and Mykines failed to register figures matching pre-covid standards for the same time period.

Thus the number of travelers to Mykines from April through June this year amounted to 8,200, compared to roughly 11,400 in 2019. Fugloy saw its figures total 5,800 during the same period, compared to 6,200 in 2019.


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