JT electric delivers new feed barge to Faroese salmon farmers Bakkafrost

JT electric has delivered a new feed barge to Faroese salmon farmers Bakkafrost, reports

The vessel has a remotely operated feeding system and will be used in a highly exposed location on the southernmost island of Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands.

The “ship design” barge is converted from a 75m long bulk carrier and has a storage capacity of 800 tonnes feed. The barge is fitted with the modern 8 Line Feeding System developed by JT electric, writes

Many of the Faroe Islands locations are exposed to high waves and bad weather, which is why the vessel is built for extreme conditions. The company said that the advantages with this concept are that they are more rigid than standard barges, have large storage capacity, good stability and have over the years proven to be a good working environment for the fish farmers.

This is the second fleet of this size delivered from JT electric to Bakkafrost in 2018.



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