J&K Petersen to bid on construction of Greenland’s new airport

J&K Petersen Contractors from the Faroe Islands are among the five companies approved by Kalaallit Airports Domestic A/S to make an offer on the construction of the runway for the new airport in Qaqortoq, Greenland.

According to Greenlandic news website,, the runway will be 1500 meters long. The company with the winning bid is expected to sign the contract in late May and the construction is expected to start this summer.

The construction of the new airport is expected to take three years, hence it is expected that it will be completed in late 2023.

The five companies, which have been approved are:

Pennecon Dexter Joint Venture (Canada)
MT Højgaard A/S (Denmark)
J & K Petersen Contractors P/F (Faroe Islands)
Aarsleff-Ístak JV (Denmark/Iceland)
Munck Gruppen A/S (Denmark)

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