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Janus Rasmussen has been nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize

On 16 June, the 12 nominees for this year’s Nordic Council Music Prize were announced. One of them is Janus Rasmussen from the Faroe Islands, who’s been nominated for his 2019 album “VÍN”.

The judges had this to say about the nomination:

– With VÍN, his first solo album, released in 2019, Rasmussen explores a variety of soundscapes within the realm of electronica.

– Not only does he play guitar, but an urge to craft his own sounds electronically has given rise to another element of his musical universe. As one half of the Icelandic-Faroese duo Kiasmos, in recent years he has performed alongside Ólafur Arnalds to great critical acclaim at some the most esteemed festivals around the globe.

– In his solo release VÍN, Rasmussen pursues his nuanced ideas with great consequence. Laid out like a DJ set and magnificently produced, VÍN consist of twelve interdependent instrumental tracks. Each is titled with a colour, a number, or a month of the year. With this release Rasmussen reveals himself as a talented musician who allows total technical command and restrained poetry go hand in hand.

The winner will be announced on 27 October at an awards ceremony in Reykjavik, Iceland in conjunction with the Session of the Nordic Council.

The Nordic Council’s Music Prize was first awarded in 1965, and since then, only one Faroese artist has received this honour. Sunnleif Rasmussen was awarded the prize in 2002 for his first symphony “Oceanic Days”.

A list of all 12 nominees can be found here.


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