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Investigation of leaked audio recording concluded: How it was leaked is unclear, says CEO of Kringvarp Føroya

One of the most heavily discussed topics in December was the injunction that prevented Kringvarp Føroya from revealing information from an audio recording in their news broadcast Dagur og Vika.

The audio recording, which ended up being leaked to the Danish newspaper Berlingske, revealed that China’s ambassador to Denmark threatened the Faroese Prime Minister by indicating that a trade agreement would be dropped if the Faroe Islands did not sign a 5G contract with Chinese technology giant Huawei.

Realizing that the leaked recording could only come from someone within Kringvarp Føroya, Ivan Niclasen, CEO had the matter investigated.

– In conclusion, the problem was caused by the breaking of our regulations regarding safety and confidentiality by one or several individuals. Hence our system could not have prevented the leak, nor do we know how the file was leaked. Afteral, most people have their own private e-mail address these days, the CEO tells vp.fo.


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