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Internationally acclaimed Faroese actor Olaf Johannessen awarded prestigious National Culture Prize 2021

A major cultural award in the Faroe Islands, the ‘National Culture Prize 2021’, has been awarded actor Olaf Johannessen.The award was presented by Jenis av Rana, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Culture, at a ceremonial event at the SALT venue in Suðuroy on February 19th.

Johannessen has won several awards for his work on the stage, in film and on television. The awards he has earned over the past few decades include Denmark’s coveted Reumert ‘Lifetime Achievement’ prize a couple of years ago. A few years earlier, in 2013, he was nominated for the most prestigious theatre award in Germany, ‘Der Faust’, for his role as Peer Gynt, which he played in Düsseldorf in 2012-13. 

Internationally, Johannessen is widely known for his role in Nordic Noir-style smash hit Danish crime series ‘Forbrydelsen’ and ‘Borgen’. For that matter, he also has a prominent role in the new Faroese TV drama ‘Trom’ which will be aired later this year.

In addition to the ‘National Culture Prize’, two other awards were also handed during the same festive occasion, as per tradition — the ‘National Token of Respect’, and a ‘Special Award’.

The ‘National Token of Respect’ was awarded clothes designers Guðrun & Guðrun.

“Guðrun Ludvig and Guðrun Rógvadóttir started their business in 2002, and from the beginning they have been promoting the so-called ‘slow fashion’ movement, a sustainability-themed alternative to the ‘fast fashion’ trend in one of the world’s most environmentally destructive industries,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Culture said.

Mr. av Rana added: “They create garments which are as relevant to people whether they live in the Faroes, Japan or New York. For having rebranded the Faroese fashion industry and having promoted it as a modern example of sustainably manufactured clothing, both domestically and abroad, Guðrun Rógvadóttir and Guðrun Ludvig are given the Token of Respect 2021.”

The ‘Special Award’ was claimed by artist, poet and musician Martin Joensen.

“When we gather for parties or special occasion, Martin Joensen often accompanies us,” Mr. av Rana noted. “His songwriting gifts are amazing, and his songs have become very popular among the Faroese.”

As part of earning the three tokens of special recognition, the awardees received cash grants as well — Johannessen 150,000 DKK [20,150 EUR], Guðrun & Guðrun 75,000 DKK, and Joensen 50,000 DKK.


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