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International Staff Services are to be strengthened

Research Council Faroe Islands (Granskingarráðið), press release: On September 12, a workshop was held at the University of the Faroe Islands on the organization of Services for new International Staff and Students in the Faroe Islands.

The number of foreigners that join the University and the other research institutes is growing and will most likely increase even more in the near future. This includes both staff and students, with or without family, and from different countries. Some are staying for a limited time period, while others come to permanent positions.

It is evident that more information and better services are needed for international staff and students who consider coming to the Faroes. Such services are especially important prior to arrival and upon arrival in order to ensure a swift and good start at the job or on a study programme. Also improved services are needed in relation to departure due to the end of a job or a study period.

The head of International Staff Services at the University of Iceland, Sandra Berg Cepero, gave an in-depth presentation on the establishment and organization of the services at the University of Iceland. These services are seen as a crucial tool for the University to ease the incoming period and to allow new staff and students to thrive and work at their full potential as soon as possible.

The presentations were followed by a discussion on the needs and challenges in the Faroe Islands, on the most pressing issues and on how we best can strengthen and organize present services,

As part of the visit from Iceland, a meeting was held with the new Rector, Chik Collins, who  emphasized that this is an important servicewhich the University of the Faroe Islands needs to develop and prioritize.

The workshop participants came from the University of the Faroe Islands, the National Hospital, the Genetic Biobank, the Food and Veterinary Agency, the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture, the House of Industry, the Immigration Office and the Research Council.

Everyone agreed that it is vital to cooperate closely and to build on the solid work that has already been done by EURAXESS Faroe Islands and others.

EURAXESS Faroe Islands and the University of the Faroe Islands organized the workshop with financial support from the EU-funded EURAXESS network TOPIV.

For more information on EURAXESS, please check euraxess.fo

We also recommend consulting the services offered by the University of Icleand at International Staff Services


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