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International news outlets chide Faroe Islanders for “whale massacre”

It has not gone unnoticed by international media outlets that 173 pilot whales were killed in Sandavágur (135) and Tórshavn (38) last month.

No less than six news outlets have picked up the story today.

British news paper Mirror described the killings in a rather brutal manner: “Images show fishermen driving herds into shallow waters that have already been stained red by the blood of previously slaughtered animals. The water is littered with dozens of corpses many of which can be seen with massive gashes on their bodies where people have hacked at them.”

Daily Mail told the story of 22 year-old Cambridge University student Alastair Ward, who was visiting the archipelago last month to celebrate his graduation when he and a friend stumbled across the whale hunt:

“He said: ‘We were walking round this bay when this family of locals ran over and said ‘you’re lucky, there’s a whale coming’…’We were just sat there speechless and a bit upset but you couldn’t really pull yourself away.’ He added: ‘The squealing from the whales was horrible’…They were putting hooks on ropes in their blowholes to pull them in and then hacking at them with knives. They didn’t die in a very humane way.”

The other headlines:
Express: Horror of WHALE Massacre Gruesome cull in Faroe Islands turns sea BLOOD red
BBC: Whale hunt in Faroe Islands turns sea red with blood
People: Annual Faroe Islands whale hunt leaves hundreds of whales dead and the waters blood red
Metro: Villagers turn sea red as they slaughter 180 whales on Faroe Islands

In other news, around 100 pilot whales were killed in the northern village of Hvannasund on Borðoy this afternoon, reports Faroese news website

Image credits: Alastair Ward/Triangle News/BBC

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