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Increased tourism endangers Iceland’s most beautiful areas – meanwhile the Faroes address tourism concerns

A new report on the tolerance limits of the effect on tourism on Iceland’s nature shows that the increase in tourism is already doing great damage, reports Iceland Monitor.

The report was published by the Ministry for the Environment on the parliament website on Friday. It further states that limits on tourists to each of the areas in danger should be made and what areas should be off limits.

Meanwhile, as for the Faroe Islands, a new tourism strategy was formulated in the North Atlantic archipelago country last year.

A working group with members from the tourism industry, municipalities, tourism information-offices, nature conservation and government officials submitted its recommendations to the Faroese government.

Jóhan Pauli Helgason, adviser to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said with regards to this:

“The Faroe Islands are receiving more tourists, which is a positive trend for a new and growing industry, but there are also concerns that need to be addressed, as such a small community needs to protect our nature and the environment so that the unspoiled environment remains unspoiled and attractive. . The last year there have been many discussions on how to organize the tourism industry better, maybe especially with regard to the accesz to the nature .”

The revenue in the Faroese tourism was in 2015 665 mio.kr and is expected to reach 1 mia.kr. in 2020. The revenue came from 160.000 tourists in 2016 and the goal is 200.000 in 2020. The largest amount of tourists came from Denmark, UK, Germany, USA, Holland, Canada and Australia.

Image credits: Iceland Monitor


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