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In Klaksvík, free ice skating and hot chocolate

‘Tis the season to boost community relations and intercultural communication, with the town of Klaksvík holding a public event on Saturday December 18th. The event, featuring ice skating, hot chocolate drinks and more, will take place from 2pm to 4pm, according to the municipal council’s Integration Committee. 

“The Integration Committee will be offering free hot chocolate, free ice skating, together with an opportunity to [meet and] greet [members of] the Integration Committee,” an announcement read.

“The main purpose of the Integration Committee’s work is to unite people from different cultural backgrounds. That’s why the Committee, together with the Mayor, has organized this event.”

Mayor of Klaksvík and committee chairman Karl Johansen said “he hopes people will welcome this initiative, both those who have recently moved here and people who have lived in Klaksvík most of their lives and join them on the 18th.”

Alongside the Mayor, the Integration Committee includes Council members Jógvan Skorheim and Marjun Lómaklett, as well as David Im, Catherine Steinberg, Heini Z. Dahl and Daria Zellmer.


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