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In international handball, á Skipagøtu named Young Male Player of the Year

Faroese handballer Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu has been named 2023 IHF Young Male Player of the Year, the International Handball Federation announced last week.

“The meteoric ascension of the Faroe Islands, which secured their best-ever results in history at the IHF Men’s Junior World Championship and at the IHF Men’s Youth World Championship in 2023 has been well-documented and Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu played a huge role in those performances, directly and indirectly,” the IHF noted.

“Directly, the 21-year-old centre back was selected in the All-Star team on his position and was the joint top scorer at the 2023 IHF Men’s Junior World Championship, with 55 goals. He was also by far the player with the largest number of assists, 48, having a direct hand in 93 of his team’s goals,” we’re told.

The IHF went on to call á Skipagøtu “a true model for younger players in the Faroe Islands” and “an idol for many of those who are starting their adventure in handball”.

“Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu was the subject of a huge transfer last summer at THW Kiel, as the German powerhouse identified his potential and slotted him into the starting seven, with great matches both in the German Bundesliga and in the EHF Champions League Men.”

Á Skipagøtu won the IHF Young Male Player of the Year ahead of Juri Knorr from Germany.


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