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Iceland’s seen a drop in international tourism – Meanwhile, tourists are (still) flocking to the Faroes

April 2018 has seen a significant decrease in arrivals to Iceland from the same month last year, with the largest overall reduction being with American and British tourists, writes Grapevine.is.

According to new data from the Icelandic Tourist Board, departing non-Icelandic passengers at Keflavík International Airport numbered some 147,000 people in April, down by about 4% from April 2017. Americans and Brits remained the largest tourist groups in Iceland, but they have also significantly decreased their numbers between last year and this one, states Grapevine.

Grapevine.is adds that “in fact, there were decreases for all of the top twelve visiting nationalities, with the exceptions of Poland, Canada and Spain.”

The question that remains is whether we will see the same tendency in the Faroe Islands in the months ahead.

The Faroe Islands do not possess specific tourist data at the time being (Vagar Airport announced in March that it is now going to register international travelers), but according to Faroese news webpage Portal.fo, more than 340.000 passengers passed through Vagar Airport in 2017. This is the highest figure ever in the airport’s history and a 16,8% increase as compared to 2016.

This is also the first time ever that more than 300.000 passengers have passed through Vagar Airport, the only airport in the Faroe Islands.

In March 2017 SAS commenced a daily route between Denmark and the Faroe Islands, while the Faroese airline company Atlantic Airways lowered fares to better compete with SAS.

The passenger figures at Vagar Airport 2010-17:

2010: 199.988 passengers
2011: 203.499 (1,8%)
2012: 225.532 (10,8%)
2013: 236.181 (4,7%)
2014: 250.287 (6,0%)
2015: 276.395 (10,4%)
2016: 292.393 (5,8%)
2017: 341.388 (16,8%)


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