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Iceland is the most expensive country in the world to grab a beer at the local bar

According to a survey conducted by travel bureau Intrepid, Iceland is the most expensive country to drink a beer, while the cheapest country for beer is Vietnam, with $20 scoring you 14 beers, reports

Intrepid has figured out just how much beer you can get for a mere Australian $20, and following closely behind front-runner Vietnam with eight beers at $2.50 each is Mexico, Egypt, Kenya and Myanmar.

Meanwhile, one single schooner in Iceland costs a whopping $14.50 (ISK 1163.79, i.e. DKK 70), writes

In the Faroe Islands, beer prices are generally slightly cheaper than in Iceland, with the average price of around DKK 50-60 for a pint.

Article updated 25 May 2018, 19.40

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