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Hoyvík men’s first European handball dream fizzles

The men’s team from Hoyvík handball club H71 were eliminated on Sunday in the second round of the EHF European Cup.

Deemed good enough to rank among the 51 top teams eligible to skip the first round, the Hoyvíkers played their first and, as it turned out, only, European Cup matches this weekend against RK Partizan from Belgrade, Serbia.

The first of the two matches took place on Friday and ended 27-21 in favor of the Serbian team after a half-time score of 14-11; the second match, played on Sunday, ended in 35-30 loss for Hoyvík with a half-time score of 16-15.

With both matches played on Serbian soil, RK Partizan beat the Faroese with a combined score of 62-51. To advance to the next round, Hoyvík H71 needed to win the second match by at least seven goals, which eventually proved unrealistic however.

Rói Ellefsen á Skipagøtu came out as team Hoyvík’s top gun, scoring eight goals in both matches against the Serbs.


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