How 16 different dialects around the Faroe Islands sound when they speak english


Faroese is one of the smallest languages in the World. Yet there are there few if any language which have more dialects compared to the number of people who speak the language.

On this video you can hear 16 “people” representing 16 dialects around The Faroe Islands trying to persuade you to visit their town or village. Localpatriotism is firm in The Faroe Islands. On the video you can see locations of the villages, towns and islands on the Map of The Faroe Islands and photos from the villages, towns and islands represented in the video.

The dialects are stressed extra much when the 16 “people” say the name of their local town, village or island.

Performed and soundrecorded by Heri Simonsen from Tórshavn.

The film is produced end edited by Árni Laksáfoss Simonsen from Argir.

This film is a tribute to the richness and treasure of dialects we have in The Faroe Islands. A treasure that hopefully will be preserved in the Future.

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