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Højgaard: Visit Faroe Islands will play a preventive role

Guðrið Højgaard, director of Visit Faroe Islands, has confirmed that Visit Faroe Islands will primarily play a preventive role as the organisation prepares to promote the Faroe Islands as a tourist attraction.

Højgaard told Faroese news site in.fo that ”the Faroese tourism industry is actually a slow-growing industry”.

– The tourism industry (in the Faroe Islands) is growing at an average rate of around 10% a year. The tourism industry in Iceland which we often compare ourselves to is growing a lot more a year than it does here. Hence, it is pointless to compare ourselves with Iceland, Højgaard argues according to in.fo.

Højgaard points out that the idea of a fast-growing tourism industry in the Faroe Islands is mostly an illusion of mind.

– There has been progress in the tourism industry in the Faroe Islands. 90% of the tourists who have been in the Faroe Islands have been very satisfied. New York Times announced a few years ago that the Faroe Islands are the next big Scandinavian destination. But suddendly we might not be so cool anymore. There is no doubt that we are facing tough competition from other nearby countries, Højgaard claims.

Forbes Magazine has argued that the Faroe Islands is among the 15 coolest places to go in 2018.

Image Credits: My-Faroe-islands.com (Anja Mazuhn, journalist & writer)


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