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Here is the reason why route 100 only stopped at the high school in Vestmanna

98 pilot whales were killed in a “Grindadráp” in the town of Vestmanna yesterday, reports Faroese news website Portal.fo.

Yesterday was the first time since 2013 that a grindadráp took place in Vestmanna.

According to local news outlet vp.fo, the killings went well.

5-6 Sea Shepherd activists live streamed the event on social media, and a couple of French journalists were also present during the slaughter, writes vp.fo, adding that the slaughter lasted around 10-12 minutes.

Rather interestingly, Strandfaraskip Landsins, the public transport company of the Faroe Islands, failed to inform its English-speaking readers that there was a grind taking place in Vestmanna.

The grind drew large crowds to the town, and thus, Strandfaraskip Landsins decided to make a temporary change to the bus route between Tórshavn-Vestmanna.

SSL announced on the Faroese language version of its website that “due to a grind route 100 only stops at the high school in Vestmanna” (Vegna grind koyrir leið 100 bert til Fiskivinnuskúlan í Vestmanna).

The high school in Vestmanna is located near the entrance of the town, whereas yesterdays grind took place in the centre of the village.

On the English language version of its website, SSL left the grind-part out of the announcement. The company merely wrote that “route 100 only stops at the high school in Vestmanna at the moment.”

Image credits: vp.fo/ssl.fo


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