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Here are the 7 under-the-radar reasons to visit Tórshavn

Tórshavn is a cosmopolitan city that embraces contemporary cultural pursuits, and it’s no surprise that Tórshavn’s flourishing design scene is influenced by a Nordic sensibility, writes Architecturaldigest.com, which has named 7 Faroe Islands destinations for design lovers.

The website notes that “Tórshavn is full of beautiful, under-the-radar reasons to visit.”

Including Ullvøruhúsið and the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands (Listasavn Føroya)

Architecturaldigest.com writes the following about Ullvøruhúsið: “In a century-old building, two designers, Sissal Kristiansen and her friend Jóhanna av Steinum, recently debuted Ullvoruhusid (“wool wearhouse”). They’ve stocked this many-windowed, whitewashed space with their creative knitwear. Johanna works mainly in Norwegian lambswool, embellishing traditional Faroese patterns with colorful beadwork. With a more minimalist aesthetic inspired by the Faroe Islands and Japan, Sissal, selling under her Shisa Brand, relies mostly on Faroese wool.”

The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands: “With its black-painted wooden façade, this multi-gabled building references a traditional Faroese boatshed. Sunlight floods parts of the interior, thanks to skylights and numerous windows offering verdant views of the adjacent park and outdoor bronzes by Faroese sculpture, Hans Pauli Olsen. In the Blue Deep room created by Tróndur Patursson, the mirrored ceiling and floor and azure-colored tile walls convey (in vertigo-inducing realism) the sea’s depth and sky’s infinity.”

The other five reasons to visit Tórshavn are, according to Architecturaldigest.com: The Nordic House, Hotel Føroyar, Paname Café, Havgrím Seaside Hotel 1948 and Guðrun & Guðrun

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