Here are Local.fo’s most-read stories of 2019

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  1. First ever commercial porn film shot in the Faroe Islands (9.483 readers)
  2. Sea Shepherd draws first blood as Týr show is cancelled – “We are boycotting them because of their immorality” says SS leader of Faroese rockers (5.993 readers)
  3. Lewis Capaldi cancels G! Festival appearance in protest against practice of whale hunting (5.861 readers)
  4. (Video) A very unexpected landing in the Faroe Islands (5.540 viewers)
  5. “She moves in mysterious ways” – Meet Lexa, the woman who stunned the Faroes (5.283 readers)
  6. Faroe Islands might be hit by ex-tropical storm Gabrielle (3.534 readers)
  7. Having more babies than everybody in Europe does not stop Faroese women from pursuing a career (3.350 readers)
  8. “Let’s move all the Faroes from Egypt to the Faroe Islands,” yells Mr. Trump at nonplussed polar bear
  9. (Pictures) Pre-opening event at Steikin Restaurant (3.114 readers)
  10. Opinion: We don’t need any excuse for killing whales (2.896 readers)

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