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Hemp smuggler sentenced to three years in prison

Two individuals were handed a combined four years and three months in prison for smuggling a total of about 25 kilograms of marijuana to the Faroe Islands on two seperate occasions.

One of the two, who was sentenced to three year behind bars, had been charged with both accounts of smuggling—10 and 15 kilos, respectively—as well as with 11 other minor violations, including selling smaller amounts of amfetamine. The court of the Faroe Islands found him guilty of all charges.

The other one was charged with smuggling about 15 kg of marijuana and was given a prison sentence of one year and three months. He was likewise found guilty of being an accessory in the smuggling of another 10 kg of hemp.

Following the verdict, pronounced on February 16th, both persons have two weeks to consider whether or not to seek to challenge it in higher court.


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