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Health officials want to keep an eye on travellers

Every traveller is told to go into voluntary quarantine for two weeks upon arrival, but so far, there has been no one to keep an eye on them and their situation. This is about to change.

– So far we’ve been keeping a close eye on everyone that we have sent into quarantine when there was a possibility that they might be infected. We now plan to expand this service, Dr. Bjarni á Steig said at a press conference on Tuesday.

What this means is that every traveller arriving in the Faroe Islands will be asked to provide the health authorities with a phone number so officials can check on them and their health.

– It turns out that people can be infected without knowing. We’ve seen people who only lose their sense of smell and/or taste. Experts have an extensive knowledge of the symptoms and they will be able to ask the necessary questions to determine whether or not a person might be infected, while they may not feel sick, Dr. Bjarni á Steig said.

The Faroe Islands seem to have bested the coronavirus, and officials have now turned their attention to travellers who might carry the virus. Health officials emphasise that it is important that everyone go into quarantine upon arrival. What this means is that the person in question stays at home without going out to work or receiving guests for two weeks.

Every traveller will, upon arrival, be stopped by police officers who’ll ask them to provide a phone number so officials will be able to contact them, if there is a possibility that they might have caught the virus from another traveller. However, their contact information will not be passed on to anyone else without consent.


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