HB are Faroese Cup winners after infamous fog-fueled win over Víkingur

HB have defeated Víkingur 3-1 to win their first Faroese Cup (Løgmanssteypið) since 2004.

The final was played at Tórsvøllur Stadium, the Faroese national stadium, last Saturday.

The match suffered from heavy fog, and it is fair to say that most fans struggled to see the action on the pitch.

Around 3.000 spectators attended the final.

HB – Víkingur 3-1 (1-0)
40′ Adrian Justinussen 1-0
52′ Símun Samuelsen 2-0
61′ Andreas Lava Olsen 2-1
71′ Sebastian Pingel 3-1

Watch clips from Saturdays infamous fog-fueled final here.

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