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Have you received Danish citizenship but no polling card?

Torshavn.fo: A recurring problem during election periods is that newcomers who have been granted Danish citizenship and are, in principle, eligible to vote in the Faroe Islands are not featured in the electoral register and thus cannot vote.

The reason for this is most likely that these citizens have not notified their municipal registration office that Danish authorities have granted them their new citizenship status. Without this notification, the person’s citizenship status remains the same as when he or she moved to the Faroes.

When a person is granted Danish citizenship, they receive a citizenship certificate from the Danish authorities. This certificate must be presented to the local registration office in the Faroe Islands, and then the citizenship status will be updated.

If the person cannot find this certificate, he or she must contact the Udlændinge- og integrationsministeriet (the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration) and request a documentation of his or her Danish citizenship. This documentation is a valid alternative to the citizenship certificate, whereas a Faroese/Danish passport is not deemed a valid alternative.


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