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Half-Faroese boxer Mahfoud concedes IBF champion title to Puerto Rico’s Serrano

Featherweight boxer Sarah Mahfoud lost her World Champion title after being defeated for the first time ever as a professional, when she faced Puerto Rican boxer Amanda Serrano at the Manchester Arena last Saturday.

The 32-year old Mahfoud claimed her first International Boxing Federation featherweight championship two years ago. In February 2020 she won the title after defeating former IBF featherweight champion Brenda Carabajal from Argentina, and in April she defended her title against 19-year old Nina Meinke from Germany.

But on Saturday she conceded her title after Puerto Rican boxer Amanda Serrano beat her in Manchester, England.

Before the match against Serrano, Mahfoud had remained undefeated in all her 11 professional matches. In addition to this being Mahfoud’s first defeat, this was also her first professional match on foreign soil, as all her previous matches had been fought in Denmark, where she currently lives.

Before the clash, a confident Mahfoud told Denmark’s TV2 Sport that her preparations had been going well.

“This is the task of my life, and my biggest match to date,” she said. “It’s a huge arena, a huge setup and a strong opponent.”

Prior to the match, Mahfoud’s opponent had three featherweight World Championship titles (WBO, WBC and IBO), whereas Mahfoud had one. After her victory, Serrano now has four Championship titles.

Mahfouds mother is from Vestmanna, Faroe, where Mahfoud also spent the first four years of her life before moving to Denmark with her family.


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