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H71 26-27 HC Galychanka Lviv: Hoyvík succumbs to Ukrainian visitors after convincing first half

The women’s team of Hoyvík handball club H71 lost with a small margin on Sunday when they played what should have been the second quarter final in the EHF European Cup against Ukrainian Team HC Galychanka Lviv.

The first minutes of the match were in favor of the visitors from Ukraine, and it took H71 over nine minutes to score their first goal. However the Hoyvík team managed to catch up and at half-time it looked like they had the upper hand with 13 goals against the Ukrainians’ nine.

The second half, alas, was not as successful for the host team. Toward the end, the Ukrainians managed to consistently stay severals goals ahead of the Faroese.

With five minutes left of the match, Galychanka was leading 26-21, yet H71 managed to catch up once again, almost, by scoring four of the last goals in the match. The final score display showed 26-27, with Galychanka on top.

It remains unclear whether a second match will be played, as the teams were not able to reach an agreement before Sunday’s match. The European Handball Federation asked the teams to reach an agreement to ensure that the match in Tórshavn would be the only match played. 

The first quarter final was due to be played in Ukraine on February 13th, but with Danish Ministry of Foreign affairs advising against its citizens travelling to Ukraine, H71 decided not to go against the governments advice. Attempts were made to arrange a new match in Poland, on so-called neutral ground, with no conclusion. 

The decision now rests with he EHF and a decision is expected to be taken within two weeks’ time.

H71 goal scorers from Sunday’s match:
• Jana Mittún, 9.
• Maria Halsdóttir Weyhe, 9.
• Brynhild Pálsdóttir, 3.
• Eva Barba Arge, 2.
• Marita Mortensen, 1.
• Rannvá Olsen, 1.
• Vár Bentsdóttir Zachariasen, 1.


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