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Guðrun & Guðrun conspires progress

Knitwear company Guðrun & Guðrun implements new opportunities which limit its affects on the environment, improve customer experience and extend possibilities to empower women.

As the company reevaluates environmental factors, it recently advertised changes made to its packaging for shipping web orders; vacuum packing to minimize space and environmental impacts.

“We are working on improving the shop and workshop on the Faroe Islands that will give the customers a much better experience,” Guðrun Rógvadóttir tells.

She and Guðrun Ludvig together started and own Guðrun & Guðrun.

While its customers and market are international since day one, Rógvadóttir mentions hopes for expansion with the brand’s partnership in the Japanese market.

She states, “Currently we have showrooms in Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Japan.”

In addition, the brand was nominated this year for the Corporate Social Responsibility Brand of the Year award in the Elle Style Awards held in Denmark. However, its vision has always been to make a difference through fashion and production since the first collections presented in 2002.

“While a lot of companies are either making small conscious collections, we strive to be sustainable in everything we do,” Rógvadóttir says. “Other companies are working on changing course from conventional production towards a more sustainable production. We don’t have to change production in order to fulfill new requirements from the more and more conscious customers.”

In terms of production, Guðrun & Guðrun employs knitters in the Faroe Islands, Jordan and Peru as part of its women’s empowerment projects that started in Jordan in 2008.

“We had a dream of providing jobs for women that are unable to have normal jobs outside the home because of their family role,” Rógvadóttir tells. “Because we believe that women’s empowerment all starts with the opportunity to earn your own money.”

Current styles can be shopped for locally at Guðrun & Guðrun’s flagship store at Niels Finsens Gøta 13 in downtown Tórshavn.

Article written by: Daria Zellmer


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