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Greta Svabo Bech is Spotify’s most popular Faroese artist

Greta Svabo Bech’s ”Chronicles of a fallen love” is the the most played Faroese song on Spotify, according to a research Faroese news site Portal has conducted.

Bech’s ”Chronicles of a fallen love”, originally released in 2012, has been played 7,6 million times on Spotify.

Greta Svabo Bech (30) is a Faroese singer-songwriter. She first became known for her work with Canadian producer Deadmau5, when “Raise Your Weapon” was nominated for ‘Best Dance Record’ of Grammy Awards in 2011 and hit the 100 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Greta went on to work with Italian artists The Bloody Beetroots on their second album ‘Hide’ [Ultra], and since started releasing solo material in 2013.

Týr, a Faroese folk metal band, is also very popular on Spotify.  At least ten of their songs have been played more than 100.000 times on Spotify.

Here is the complete list:

Greta Svabo Bech (The Bloody Beetroots) Chronicles of a Fallen Love 7.634.000
Greta Svabo Bech (Ludovico Einaudi) Circles 6.311.000
Greta Svabo Bech (Gemini) Fire Inside 2.442.000
Teitur I Was Just Thinking 3.909.000
Teitur One and Only 3.025.000
Týr Hold the Heathen Hammer High 2.931.000
Týr Blood of Heroes 2.715.000
Teitur Josephine 1.957.000
Hogni Bow Down (to no Man) 1.697.000
Eivør Trøllabundin 1.214.000
Lizzie Ramt i Natten 1.074.000
Jógvan Best Kept Secret 986.000
Týr By the Sword in my Hands 965.000
Týr The Wild Rover 884.000
Týr Hel Hath No Fury 846.000
Týr Mare of my Night 815.000
Dan Olsen Here With Me 750.000
Týr The Lay of our Love 745.000
Eivør Í Tokuni 648.000
Teitur Louis, Louis 647.000
Týr Another Fallen Brother 599.000
Hogni Big Personality 534.000
Eivør Remember Me 507.000
Eivør (Nik&Jay) Bølgerne ved Vesterhavet 502.000
Linda Andrews Det Bedste til Sidst 499.000
Týr Valkyrja 494.000
Eivør Verð mín 470.000
Týr Lady of the Slain 464.000
Eivør True Love 456.000
Teitur Catherine the Waitress 372.000
Brandur The Illusion Of 362.000
Hogni The Right Attitude 353.000
Eivør Salt 316.000
Eivør Dansaðu Vindur 313.000
Hogni Soul Company 294.000
Dan Olsen Hold You Tonight 273.000
Greta Svabo Bech (The Bloody Beetroots) Chronicles of a Fallen Love 267.000
Brynjolfur I Love You (A Copycat & Martin Brodin Remix) 241.000
Valravn Sjón 240.000
Danny & the Veetos Sunnkvøld í Mai 211.000
Frum Birdstone 182.000
Hogni How High 179.000
Konni Kass Surrender 175.000
Marius Ziska Going Home 167.000
Valravn Kelling 163.000
Valravn Krummi 162.000
Eivør Into the Mist 152.000
Brynjolfur I Love You 151.000
Danny & the Veetos Alright 147.000
Greta Svabo Bech (The Bloody Beetroots) Chronicles of a Fallen Love (TAI Remix) 147.000
Jens Marni Hansen Anywhere You Wanna Go 145.000
Konni Kass I Lie 139.000
Greta Svabo Bech (The Bloody Beetroots) Chronicles of a Fallen Love (Tom Swoon Mix) 134.000
Greta Svabo Bech Shut up and Sing 129.000
Byrta Loyndarmál 127.000
Teitur Yellow/Green 123.000
Benjamin Rajani Freedom in his Light 116.000
Konni Kass Sounds 116.000
Teitur Sick of Fish 116.000
Marius Ziska Nærveran 112.000
Greta Svabo Bech (The Bloody Beetroots) Chronicles of a Fallen Love (Araabmuzik Mix) 110.000
Valravn Ólavur Riddararós 110.000
Teitur Red/Green 109.000
The Dreams Himlen Falder Helvede Kalder 107.000
Valravn Farin uttan at vera Vekk 105.000
Hogni Under Streetlight 103.000



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