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Government reinstates mandatory Covid testing for all arrivals

As of December 16th, all who travel to the Faroe Islands are required to be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival, the Government announced.

Arrivals below the age of 12 are exempt from mandatory testing but can, however, opt for a test if they so choose.

A few months ago, mandatory Covid testing at the borders was reinstated for travelers who could not produce a valid ‘Covid Passport’.

Im glad that we are going to test everyone at the borders,” said Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands Bárður á Steig Nielsen. “Christmas is drawing near and if we are to lower the infection rate while still welcoming those living abroad, mandatory border testing is essential.”

All who enter the island nation are encouraged to self-isolate upon arrival and have a second Covid test on the third day. No further self isolation is recommended once the second test has been confirmed negative.

Testing at the borders will be free for the remainder of this year, we’re told; however after the turn of the year, visitors are expected to cover the cost themselves. According to the current plan every arrival will, as of January 1st, have to pay 250 DKK (34 EUR) for their Covid test, somewhat cheaper compared to the 312 DKK  (42 EUR) they would be required to pay during the period from October 2020 to September 2021.


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