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Government introduces new Covid response scheme amid continued rise in cases

The government of the Faroe Islands has adopted a so-called ‘traffic light’ concept for managing countrys long-term Covid response, effective as of November 13th. The scheme deals with three different states of affairs in terms of infection rates — State 1 (Green), State 2 (Yellow), and State 3 (Red).

The Government will, with the Epidemics Commission acting as an advisory on the appropriate Covid response, decide when to switch between the three states, with information on which state that is currently in effect made publicly available on the Korona.fo website.

One of the new measures introduced by the Government is the ‘Covid Passport’, similar to what is being used in a number of European countries.

Mandatory testing at the border, which had been in effect for a little over a year until the testing stopped on September 1st, has also been reinstated as of November 13th. Only travelers who can produce a valid Covid Passport will be exempt from mandatory testing, however it’s still recommended that everyone get tested again on the second day after arrival.

For the past few weeks, the number of new cases of Covid infections registered in the Faroe Islands has been risen sharply, with a record-breaking 111 cases reported on November 3rd. In October 1,025 cases were registered, which at the time made up 46 percent of the countrys total cases.

In November, the number of Covid-associated deaths has also increased considerably. Prior to November 1st, only two such deaths had been reported but as of November 17th, ten people have officially died with Covid in the Faroe Islands.

To date the island nation has had a total 3,017 cases of Covid-19 with the current number of active cases at 450, including five people admitted to hospital, none of them, however, in intensive care.

91 percent of the countrys population, counting 12-year olds and above, have received their first jab of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine with 86 percent having received a second jab, and 8 percent a first booster.

For the three states of infection rates the following actions will be taken, and these recommendations will be given, as announced by the Government:

State 1 ‘Green’: Less than 15 new cases a day
• Vaccination recommended;
• Covid-testing taking place;
• Contact tracing, isolation and quarantine;
• Testing at the border;
• Services such as the Covid Hotline available.

State 2 ‘Yellow’: 15 to 75 cases a day
• Covid Passport required at hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, at sporting events, fitness centers and other establishments where clients will be in close contact with staff such as like hairdressers, dentists, etc. • Limits on gatherings (up to 50 people can gather, however 200 can gather indoors provided they present a valid Covid Passport, with outdoor gatherings for not limited for Covid Passport carriers.
•Schools, daycare facilities and other establishments make appropriate adjustments.

State 3 ‘Red’: More than 75 cases a day
• Gatherings limited to ten people;
• People work from home whenever possible;
• Schools operate online only;
• Daycares and other public establishments such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, fitness centers etc. closed.

As of the time of writing this article, the Faroe Islands is officially in State 2 ‘Yellow’.


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