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Google Translate adds Faroese language

Have you ever wanted to look up a Faroese word or phrase on Google Translate? Well, now you can.

As of June 27th, in an update that brings up the total number of languages covered in the latest version of Google Translate to 110, Faroese—alongside Greenlandic, for all that—has been made part of the search engine’s translation service.

Google and the University of the Faroe Islands have collaborated on the addition of the Faroese language, the University announced in a news release.

“Google, in collaboration with the Centre for Language Technology at the Faculty of Faroese Language and Literature, has developed the capabilities to translate Faroese so effectively that it is now part of the free online service,” the University of the Faroe Islands said. “This means that we can now translate from Faroese to a multitude of languages and vice versa,” the announcement added.

The Faroese language option on Google Translate has reportedly been long-awaited.

“Various initiatives have been undertaken to make progress, some fun and creative (e.g. Faroe Islands Translate by Visit Faroe Islands), others professional (translation project by publisher Sprotin), and also political (e.g. the Prime Minister sending a video message to Google). However, it has been challenging to get Faroese into Google. But now the time has finally come where the service can be used in Faroese.”

“This is the first version of the service in Faroese, and therefore minor errors may occur,” we’re further told. “The Centre for Language Technology at the University will continue to collaborate with Google to improve the translation quality by reviewing and sharing data for further development. Thus, the service is expected to improve over time.”


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