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Gómagott receives Innovator of the Year Award

Local Tórshavn-based company Gómagott, which produces chocolate and other delicacies to the Faroese market, was named the 2018 Innovator of the Year at the Innovators Day yesterday, report several Faroese news outlets.

Gómagott, which is run by Kirstin Hammer and her husband Høgni, started its production of assorted boxed chocolates back in 2015 and was originally housed in a building in East Tórshavn that used to be a bakery many years ago.

However, as the company grew more popular among chocolate hungry Faroe Islanders, it moved to downtown Tórshavn and is now housed within the bus terminal-building in Steinatún.

Since its opening in Steinatún in November 2016, the very popular Gómagott has also been a café and confectionery.

The 2018 Innovators Day was held in Öström, a clothing store & cultural house in downtown Tórshavn.



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